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The Extra-Thin Tourbillon is fitted with calibre 2924, a 4.46mm thick watch.

The Extra-Thin Royal Oak Tourbillon, which was launched by the manufacturer in 2012, coincided with the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak. iwc ingenieur replica faced two challenges when creating this watch. The first was to create a watch with a high-quality movement in a thin case, similar to iwc ingenieur replica's original ref. 5402. Second,Rolex Replica Watches we would like to pay tribute to the first wristwatch with a tourbillon made by iwc ingenieur replica, the Ra Automatic Tourbillon.

Created for the Royal Oak 40th Anniversary, this 2012 Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra Thin in pink gold is a new creation.

Ra Automatic Tourbillon, introduced in 1986, was one of the most revolutionary developments in Swiss watchmaking at the time. It was produced using technology that had never been used before in the industry, and it also proved that tourbillons can be manufactured in large quantities.

The tourbillon aperture is a common feature on most tourbillon watches. It was not designed that way. If the dial covered the tourbillon the watch would need to be thicker by a millimeter.

Look again, doesn't the sunray design look similar? It's similar to the new design of tapisserie. The tapisserie dial, one of three DNA strands that make up the legendary Royal Oak, is a key component.Rolex Air King Replica iwc ingenieur replica wouldn't mess around with it without rhyme and reason.

Let us suggest, then, that the Tapisserie Evolutive wasn't just a design exercise on Audemars-Piguet's behalf. It's a nod towards the Ra Automatic Tourbillon, specifically its dial, interpreted with the Royal Oak's signature motif.

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